Email Marketing: What is it, and Why?

Email Marketing and/or the sending of Advertising Email is still the most used tool by companies for direct contact.

Email Marketing activities also in the age of social networks continue to be widespread, due to the high profitability and the possibility of being able to send ad hoc offers in real-time to potential customers, whether they are private individuals or companies.

Despite all the channels that a marketer has available today, the ROI deriving from email marketing campaigns continues to be the one with the greatest profit for many companies. The operational simplicity for the setup and sending of an Advertising Email makes this digital marketing technique, the favorite tool also for small businesses that have limited media budgets.

When you want to organize an Email Marketing campaign, you must take into account several fundamental elements and variables, for the success of the digital communication project and the maximization of results.

Email marketing Services

The First Point is the selection of the target for sending advertising emails, depending on the business development strategies:

  • B2C (end customers);
  • B2B (companies and SMEs);
  • Professionals (Lawyers, Notaries, Accountants, Architects, etc.)

In this area, it is essential to build ad hoc user profiles, based on actual interests in order to obtain commercial performance.

The Second Point is the construction of an exclusive ad hoc limited-time offer to accelerate the customer’s call to action. In this context, we also suggest the construction of ad hoc landing pages trying to optimize the graphic contents for an optimal vision also from smartphones.

The Third Point is the selection of the databases on which to convey your Commercial Promotion. E-Business Consulting has for all your needs an email database for advertising activities in the UK and abroad containing over 20 million users with the following profiling possibilities:

  • Uk or abroad
  • Individuals or Companies
  • Boys or girls
  • Target target age
  • Geographic area
  • Profession users
  • Areas of interest

The DEM (Direct Email Marketing) sending service provided by E-Business Consulting can take place in two distinct ways:

  • Standard: simple sending of your Promotional Emails on E-BC database;
  • Plus: sending your Advertising Email on E-BC database + building an ad hoc Landing Page + creating Email creativity suitable for achieving your commercial performance.

Depending on the brand, the type of target required, and the geographic location of your interest, different cost models of the service may be applied: CPMCPC, or CPA.

For all activities, online and offline, where there is a need to convey promotions in real-time, the combination of Email Marketing campaigns with SMS Marketing activities on databases managed by E-Business Consulting allows you to immediately improve sales with investments reduced.

Hy Digital Marketing Consulting is able to manage and organize your Email Marketing activities in total respect of privacy (GDPR), without the use of spam techniques, in order to generate commercial contacts for your business.