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To obtain more profiled visibility of the site, pay-per-click (PPC) ads are integrated with the organic positioning. In practice, the PPC is a method of purchase and payment of online advertising for which the advertiser pays a unit rate proportional to the clicks received.

Our PPC service translates into tangible and fast results, such as the acquisition of new visitors to your site and the promotion of your business functions to the sale.

We will help you to appear at the top of the page every time people search for your products or services on the web.

PPC Pey Per Click

Google Ads is a Google advertising platform with which you can create and publish sponsored ads that appear on search results pages. We decide together and set a particular budget, the search terms (keywords) we want to intercept, and the ad texts.

The greatest advantage of this tool is the ability to appear only for people who are actively looking for your product. For example, if we want to promote a site that sells bags online, we can decide to appear every time a user types on Google “selling bags online,” “women’s bags online,” or “shopping bags on the internet.”

And what is the difference with SEO? Both SEO and pay per click are strategies aimed at online positioning – but one cannot exclude the other. SEO, in fact, is concerned with achieving a relevant position on search engines among organic results and is a long-term strategy.

On the contrary, pay per click campaigns are positioned among paid ads, i.e., above organic results, and it is an effective strategy right from the start, i.e., from the moment a campaign is activated.

Why Google Ads?
  • Budget-friendly: you can start with a very small budget to “see how it goes”  and decide to increase it in the future.
  • Results immediately:  you will be present on the search results pages from the moment the campaign is active.
  • It’s measurable:  every single aspect of your Google Ads campaign is measurable, the number of clicks, the number of impressions, the click rate, the number of conversions, the conversion rate, and the cost per click. This feature allows us to concentrate as much as possible on the objectives of the campaign.
  • Highly targeted:  each campaign is highly targeted. With Google Ads, we can choose who will see the ads, filtering the audience by location, times of the day, devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) or by language.

100% Guaranteed: HY Digital Marketing is Google Partner. This means that our internal consultants have a number of Certifications that Guarantee their Skills, but it also means working closely with Google and having the opportunity to try its innovative products before their official release.

What Can We Do For You?
We work on the most suitable project for all your needs.

Reference Target and Objectives

We identify users' needs, your target audience, and campaign objectives.


We select the most efficient keywords, the traffic they bring, the competition, and the associated costs.

We Plan, Execute, Optimize:

Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Ad-Extensions, and Landing Pages.

We Monitor the Campaign.

We monitor conversions on Google Analytics, and we are remarketing with the data collected.

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