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Social media can spread your products or services, increase your brand awareness, and improve your relationship with customers. Let us manage your social channels, and we will achieve your goals together.
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Social Network Management

The presence on Social Networks has now become of crucial importance for the correct success of a truly effective Web Marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest represent the most popular social networks in Italy and are a huge pool of users ready to be tracked down and transformed into customers.

Being present on social networks, however, is not enough. Each Social has, in fact, totally different characteristics and targets; you need to understand which social networks are best suited to your business or business objectives before you even start establishing any social media marketing strategy.

Social Network: Why do I have to be there?

In World, there are 100+ million active profiles on Social Networks, over 2 hours, and 30 minutes the average daily use of Social Networks, 30% of the time spent on the Internet occurs on Social Networks, total investments in advertising in these media exceeded 25 billion dollars in 2015.

Social Networks not only represent the basis for a correct management of relationships with their customers and potentially new buyers, but also a boundless possibility to expand their business with targeted advertising campaigns, as we explain in detail in the Facebook Ads Campaign Management page.

Why Must Your Company be on Social Networks?

To take advantage of all the enormous possibilities offered by each Social Network and to increase analysis data relating to its activity and its market of interest. FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle +, and the other social networks are, in fact, increasingly an inexhaustible source of information and statistics, which will allow you to better balance your communication strategies and your goals, getting to know your customers.

Management of the Company Page on Social Networks: How Does it Work?

To transform a user into a customer, a Like in conversion, a retweet in a business opportunity, experience, and careful and intelligent planning are needed, which cannot be limited only to the spread of sporadic posts but must integrate precisely targeted strategies not only to the constant updating of current users/customers, but also to the acquisition of new fans, who will thus become new customers.

This is why we at Hy Digital Marketing Agency will  follow all the fundamental steps to launch you effectively in the Social World:

  • Comprehensive analysis of competitors (are they present on Social? What do they do? How do they do it?).
  • Assessment of the company’s strengths (and weaknesses) and business objectives.
  • Evaluation of the best strategies to adopt based on the chosen Social Networks.
  • Creation of a specific editorial plan for Social Networks, taking into consideration the type of communication to be adopted, writing, and frequency of publication of the posts and choice of related images.
  • Publication of posts and monitoring of all interactions that have taken place (Like, Retweet, Shares, Comments, etc.).
  • Promotion (if requested by the customer) of the Fan Page, the brand, the services, or the products with effective Advertising strategies (for further information, you can visit the pages related to our Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads services ).
  • Maintaining the relationship with the users of the page (responding to comments and private messages) according to precise guidelines, set before the page management activity starts and in total agreement with the customer.
Management of Corporate Social Pages: Why Trust Us?

For years we at Hy Digital Marketing Agency have been dealing with the management of Company Pages on the main Social Networks, and we are able to offer you the constant support of our Social Media Marketing Experts: they will follow you throughout the project by professionally dealing with the management of the Pages of your Company profiles on social networks; they will periodically deliver you an accurate editorial plan, providing you with complete monitoring and updating service in real-time, planning with you effective Social Advertising strategies to better advertise your business, thus allowing you to achieve the marketing results that you have set yourself.