The company’s website is its Representation in the virtual space of the Internet, and it is important that it adequately performs this function for the company. How to evaluate the performance of the representative office? Through the contribution that it makes to the solution of important tasks for the company.
The Tasks of The Company, For The Implementation Of Which a Well-Thought-Out Site is Important:
  • Introduce the company and its products to potential customers.
  • Inform about new products and events in the life of the company
  • Improve the quality and quantity of requests from potential customers.
  • Strengthen the brand image of the company among target customers
  • Provide compelling evidence to potential customers that they will benefit from working with the company.

Representative Office Can Be Of Different Formats. Therefore We Offer The Development Of Websites Of The Following Types:
  • Business card site.
  • Corporate website.
  • Advertising site (aka promotional site).
  • Online store.
  • Custom project.
HY Digital Marketing Specialists create websites that are verified in terms of functionality, design, and structure that fully solve the tasks set by the client.

Each site developed by us, a priori, is convenient for search promotion and is “tailored” for sales. Adaptive design, unique functionality, implementation of complex projects – there is nothing impossible in solving client tasks.

How We Are Working:
  • At the meeting, we find out the current situation, the existing difficulties, and jointly formulate the priority tasks for the solution of which changes to the site are necessary.
  • First, we determine what information about the company who needs to be promoted, and then how we will do it using the site.
  • We specify the desired results and agree on the exact cost of the project.
  • We draw up the terms of reference and sign the contract.
  • We design, approve layouts.
  • During programming and layout, we implement the functionality of the site.
  • Install it on a content management system.
  • We carry out testing, if necessary, fill the site with content;
  • Transfer the resource to your domain, select hosting;
  • If necessary, we teach management and administration technologies.
  • Verified from the point of view of design and structure, functional and attractive site for the visitor, which solves the tasks set by the client.
  • At reasonable costs, you get a powerful impetus for business development, open up new sales channels, increase the flow of customers, and increase company recognition.
  • The site, unlike people, works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, opening new horizons for conducting and promoting a business on the Internet.
4 Reasons To Order Website Development At HY DIGITAL MARKETING
  • The best solutions for your business. We are working in detail on the marketing basis for your site. We study products, advantages, analyze competitors, and formulate differences that will affect the choice of customers.
  • One contractor for all work. We create sites immediately considering the future SEO promotion and, at the next stages, are ready to engage in traffic and query generation through additional digital marketing tools.
  • Absolute safety. We work on the basis of an agreement with detailed terms of cooperation – we legally guarantee the quality of work
  • Transparency of interaction. Prices for services and the conditions under which they can be changed are fixed in the contract. Also, in the contract, we fix the deadlines and results of the intermediate stages of work.

Great experience and constant practice allow us to create websites that solve the tasks set by the client.